We have a range adults and kids bike available to hire.

Adults we use Suzuki DRZ 400’s – ideal for learning basic skills and Yamaha 230s for those who would like a lower bike.

Kids we have a range of Yamaha and Suzukis for all sizes.

We can hire out riding kit, to include: Boots, helmet, body armour, gloves, shirt, trousers and jacket.  Cost for the whole kit hire is £20 – we can hire out bits of kit too.

Please note we do not hire out Goggles



Bike Hire Booking Form

Bike hire agreement:

By hiring a bike for training from Black Desert Training I understand that:

  • Black Desert Training will provide third party road insurance.
  • I am only insured whilst on the training course.
  • I must have a full bike license and bring it with me.
  • I am responsible for keeping to the laws of the road.
  • We accept that you may have the occasional fall off road and a small amount of damage is expected.
  • Any major damage to the bike due to reckless or negligent riding will be charged for.

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